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'Project Infinite Peace’ is a collective global initiative to investigate the basis of belief in revealed knowledge. It hopes to involve scientists, linguists and science historians for achieving a consensus in this regard. The backbone of this project is a hypothesis that attempts to answer five important queries regarding revelations.

  1. Why do we need any knowledge revealed to us, i.e. is not our intellect sufficient to answer all our queries?      
  2. Does a possibility exist of the presence of such information in the universe?       
  3. Have we any evidence of such information in our past?      
  4. Is it possible to identify a pattern from the evidence?       
  5. If a pattern is present, can the pattern be validated scientifically?

A logical attempt to find answers for these queries has the possibility to resolve the riddle of revealed knowledge. The project’s objective is to bring this effort before the scientific community for investigation, debate and consensus.    

         Is not our intellect sufficient to answer all our queries?

Problems of a dynamic world and human limitations

The world is dynamic and known to create new situations, problems and complexities daily. Since future is not open to us, it is logical to assume that some of the problems, if not resolved in time, may have far reaching adverse impact on the future.

In some cases the danger may arrive sooner before we are even able to guess its threat.

In all such cases, the information about correct do’s and don’ts will have to come from outside of our intellects as analytical power of human brain working within the confines of limited information of the time, has its own limitations.

Examples of such endeavors, where complete interactions are not fully understood at present, and future threats may accrue due to some of our own actions initiated at present are 'interference in the weather machine', 'manipulation of genetic code' and 'emergence of new technologies like Nano-technology and bio-genetics etc.

Future threats that could be averted through our present actions

Some other possible future threats can also be envisaged that may not be our own making but could be averted by our effort at present, if we can be forewarned about it somehow.

A distinct logical possibility is the introduction of an organism / virus on earth in the future that can harm the organic life irretrievably, if it manages to find a suitable host species, available at the time in sufficiently large numbers.

The phenomenon of Guidance can effectively check this threat by informing us beforehand to curb the breeding of species that has the potential to play such a host in the future, through an injunction banning it as food article.

It is a well known fact that only those animals are increasing in numbers that have been domesticated for their food value, however weak and vulnerable they are, and not the powerful predators like lions and tigers.

The clear directive of all major religions forbidding the meat of swine should be seen in this light also. This species has the biggest possibility of playing one such host in the future. 

Researches where the crucial evidence is at the periphery of human enquiry: The phenomenon of guidance can also help us with our researches where the scientific investigation is at a cross roads, and there is no rational way to ascertain the crucial evidence. Revealed knowledge can guide the humanity by pointing out the correct model out of several being debated, while not curbing the creativity at the same time. There are numerous such researches in various scientific disciplines, where the humanity needs a little nudge on the right path, with untold benefits.

Debates that have divided us: It can also lay at rest several debates regarding our past that have divided us, produced immense misery, and inhibited our progress towards maturity.

What lies beyond death? Through our own rational efforts, we may also never know the biggest query of all. What happens after we die? Is it a transition or an absolute extinction? If it is a transition to another stage, does our life and actions on this planet affect the next stage? Such information is crucial, as the humanity faces an eternal conflict between the need for co-operative living and the instinct for individual survival. Without conviction in some kind of all encompassing accountability, the instinct for personal survival goads a man to become unjust in his dealings with men and nations, irrespective of the intelligence level. A sure knowledge about the existence of personal accountability, linked with an ultimate reward and punishment can make the earth a much more hospitable place for peaceful development of the intelligent organism.

       The counter argument that faith goads a man more to become unjust is invalid as 'belief in the accountability' goes against the act of 'exploitation of this belief '.
       What are the possibilities of information revealed to us from the universe?

Discussing probability of this sort involves three basic issues:

First, the transfer of complex information, which can anticipate the need of humanity and guide it, indicates a Source far beyond the present intellectual level of humanity. Second, the velocity of light barrier for transfer of energy in regular space can introduce large gaps of time, rendering such communication unfeasible. Third, all sources (scriptures) of revealed knowledge, assert that this information is from the Creator of the Cosmos Himself.

Three possibilities, therefore, need to be discussed in this regard - the presence of an Intellect in Cosmos at far higher levels than humanity; the availability of alterative paths in Universe through which information can be transferred, and the presence of Creator factor and His link with this information.

Regarding the presence of intelligence (and life) elsewhere in Universe, several factors are important:

1. Scientists have isolated an intricate design in this expanding universe, linking the smallest (quantum world) with the biggest (world of stars and galaxies), with laws that almost seem fine tuned to produce life and intelligence.

2. Researches on our origins have pushed back the birth of life to a period almost immediately after earth’s accretion[1]. Such a finding reduces the involvement of ‘chance’ in the process, and reinforces the logical probabilities of life following a universal pattern, not unique to earth.

3. Our sun has also been found to be an average star in terms of size, composition and position in the galaxy, with no  properties to suggest that it is unique in the universe.

4. With the discovery of planets on nearby systems, it stands to reason that numerous other such cradles exist that may also have given birth to life in the universe, making it a common phenomenon.

5. And most important of all, our sun has entered more than eight billion years late in the cosmic history. Therefore, it is possible to assume that some life and intellect may have emerged long back in the history of Universe, on planets formed twelve to thirteen billion years ago, circling the initial few hundred or thousand stars.
      With such favourable design factors and enormous time gaps expected in the birth of life and intelligence, existence of Intellects in Cosmos at infinitely advanced levels (to do the bidding of Creator) is a real possibility.

Regarding the transfer of information through alternative paths, we must remember that the existence of other dimensions is being speculated by almost all well known quantum physicists. The Super string theory, which is the current favourite, involves 10 and 11 dimensions. The 6 or 7 extra dimensions have not been confirmed as yet, but the absence of confirmation does not mean ruling out their existence.

Scientists have also neither proved nor disproved the existence of Creator as yet. We also do not know how to define the Creator, and if He exists, how does He communicate with His intelligent creation. Whether the communication is direct or through a medium / messenger? Judeo Christian and Islamic scriptures mention Ruah (Holy Spirit) as an entity who had always brought revelations to humanity via chosen humans. The Vedas mention the Agni in this regard.

A mysterious chain with one link on earth and the other deep in Cosmos:

Through studying the phenomenon of revelations, we may be dealing with the deepest mystery of Cosmos. It may help us take a quantum jump in the new millennium, if the phenomenon is discovered to be of non-human in origin, as it may open up a gateway to information from the very core of the universe, and give us answers to various queries like - who is really behind the phenomenon of revealed knowledge? If the sender of the information is Creator of the Cosmos, then how does He communicate with His intelligent creation? Who and what is the Holy Spirit? Is some infinitely old intelligence acting on its own or is the intelligence itself being used as a ‘messenger’ as part of an established universal program? Is this program a part of the initial laws of nature or is it the product of a creativity built into it? Is the messenger-guiding-entity from within the Cosmos or is it beyond this material energy universe, and what is its relationship with the Creator factor?

        Have we any evidence of this information in our past?

To answer the query, we must identify a way first, through which the information may have been transferred to the planet.

How can the information arrive logically? To guide an intelligent species in different stages of development, the ‘transmission’ of information will have to be by design, independent of technological status of receptors. Thus, the most obvious channels on our planet aught to be the bio-receptors of information - the brains of ‘selected humans’ themselves.

Where can it be found? The most logical places to look for such information are ‘preserved sayings’ of famous individuals or Guides, who have fashioned the greatest impact on humanity’s progress.

Is the evidence available? Primary need of humanity is to live peacefully with other living beings, requiring ethical guidance. Fortunately, components of such guidance can broadly be identified and isolated from the records of all ancient civilizations, like Sumerians, Babylo­nians, Egyptians, Aryans and Chinese. The Hebrew records are quite clear regarding the long line of their proph­ets. Aryans also have preserved their records well. In the sixth century BC, arrival of several ‘guides’ of very high stature - Buddha, Mahavira, Confucius, Tao-Te-Ching, and Zoroaster, is an established historical fact. The phe­nomenon however seemed to have subsided gradually. We do not notice any such impor­tant figure contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth. And after Mohammed, none seem to have brought a new religion of sizeable following.

Has this phenomenon ended or is it still continuing?

Looking at the actions of high and mighty, whether individuals or nations, we can safely say that human race is still far from the level of maturity expected from an intelligent species hoping to interact with others in the Cosmos. We desperately NEED guidance, not only to save ourselves from unknown dangers, but also from the self-destructive arrogance of ourselves. At the turn of a new millennium, we are standing at a junction where several roads cross. Politically, the world has become uni-polar and awesome strength has been concentrated in the puny hands of few who are not very mature. Socially, a massive clash of faiths is taking place at global scale, producing misery at unprecedented scale. Development wise, enormous quantum of information is fast becoming accessible to all, requiring nothing but self-policing. The humanity is also tinkering with processes, regarding which full interactions and repercussions are as yet unknown, at a pace that may leave little margin of error. The deterioration in law and order, moral values and personal accountability has become a world wide problem. The double standards in dealings of the haves, the growing anger of the have-nots, the ineffectiveness of UNO, the sliding back of the lone super power to pre 1946 level with respect to human rights, the transgressions of a race, who believe that they are God’s chosen, and the decaying, pathetic and persecuted state of the followers, who claim to possess the latest guidance with them, all show that the tidal wave of chaos is reaching its nadir. Unfortunately all followers believe in the eschatology of their scriptures, and we also have not witnessed in the last millennia any genuine prophet emerging from obscurity to lead the world towards a new order, establishing peace and prosperity.

From this 'absence', what should we infer? Has the source of extra-terrestrial information abandoned us, treating us as a lost incorrigible case or the information will come to us through a different way now? Is this way already available on earth waiting to be tapped or will we have to wait for an unknown future to receive some kind of signal or pointer for it.

             Do these evidences demonstrate a pattern?

Looking at the records of inspired teachings from our past, a pattern emerges –

Guidance and accountability problem

-  Apart from improper resource management, two of the major sources through which misery strikes are ‘false perspective’ and ‘wrong actions’ of men, individually as well as collectively. The basic components of guidance found were related mainly to them. However, the presence of ‘guidance’ alone, is never enough. Its effective applicability depends upon a conviction in ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ concept. Unfortunately, the guidance, promised 'reward and punishment' for all actions, finally, in a life after this life.
-  As nobody had seen or experienced this future life, the human channels, through whom the guidance had come, were themselves required to generate belief in this abstract accountability. A difficult task for anyone in any time.
-  In this arduous task, two factors usually helped these human channels to establish their credibility - a gift of charisma, and occurrences of miracles. (Charisma is defined as an unusual ability to influence people, and miracles were either abilities that seemed supernatural at the time or events that occurred as per predictions of the ‘guides’.)

Distortion in teachings

-  The records also show that majority of such human channels were born at a time when writing was neither known nor customary. The usual mode of transfer of guidance was verbal.
-  In the absence of any means for recording it and with the passage of time, the caretakers of faith eternally managed to corrupt the original teachings, bit by bit, into myths, rites and rituals, bringing the original religion to a stage, when it stood defaced and life awaited a new redemption.

Allegiance factor:

-  To recompense this humanity’s backwash, periodic introduction of fresh guidance looked like a logical necessity, albeit with a limitation.
-  The new guidance had to confront a negative by-product of the efforts, involved in the generation of faith in the unseen accountability, by previous messengers. It was an allegiance factor in the followers - born mainly out of charisma and miracles, exhibited by messengers of the past.
-  This allegiance to the persona of messenger, once produced, seldom varied, and got transmitted from generation to generation.
-  With the passage of time and the messenger’s death, when the original guidance suffered distortion, the factor of allegiance prevented the people to realize this fact. Succeeding generation of followers always believed that what their messenger had said was the best, though what he had really said; none had the means to recognize with certainty.
-  Thus, whenever a new redeemer came on the scene with a fresh guidance, the allegiance to the previous prophets obstructed the new messenger with all the disharmony, bloodshed and the ferocity of hatred at its command, thereby defeating the very purpose of guidance. 

Logical solution:

Logic dictated that to counter this factor of ‘allegiance’, periodic introduction of ‘guidance’ had to end and be replaced by a final transmission, which could contain all the future guidance humanity would ever need. Such future information could either be coded in layers in the transmission, for humanity to decode at required intervals, or hidden in its ‘composition’ with possibilities of multiple and fractal interpretations.

        How to validate the pattern?

What to expect: If the reasoning is assumed to be correct then humanity should expect a single final transmission, at the end of several inspired messages on the planet. This transmission, with well-defined parameters, will have to be preserved for eternity, so that humanity could extract by itself the future guidance, in different times, with its own increasing intelligence levels. 

Can its time of arrival be guessed? Logically, the transmission may already have arrived on the planet in the past or it may still be part of an unknown future. 

Which probability should be investigated first? Considering the ‘future’ alternative first, it would be logical to assume that with our present technological level, a human receptor will no longer be needed for the final transmission. We are in a much better position now to receive, preserve and communicate such a transmission electronically. It can have all the guidance needed in digitally coded formats. SETI project is ready for such an eventuality. It has the resources to handle such a Message, if and when it arrives, and the world will come to know about it as soon as any signal from stars gets detected. But, such an eventuality belongs to future, and we will have to wait for an uncertain time for any meaningful validation of the pattern. The second alternative on the other hand, seems to have more tangible promise as we can start our investigations now.

Let us suppose that the logically predicted final message is already here on the planet and is part of our past. Then, what do we do? How do we identify it, and most important of all, examine it?

Dr Sagan’s suggestion: Dr Carl Sagan, a prominent scientist had provided a limited answer to this problem. While discussing the possibility of an extra-terrestrial transmission hidden in scriptures, he had pointed out the presence of three categories of data in scriptures that negated this possibility in them.

First category of data pointed out by him can be termed as contradictory data. Any message from outside the planet was required to have logical consistency. If the data at one place contradicted with data at another place in the same message, then it showed an obvious tampering by human hands. The second category was uninspiring data. A scripture was expected to provide guidance on correct perspective and right actions, through sayings and actions of leaders chosen for this particular job. If clear passages existed, where the leaders themselves were shown committing immoral actions and not getting punished or admonished for their acts, then the chances were that these narratives were not inspired, but were the work of later human scribes, destroying the fidelity of original communication. Dr Sagan also pointed out a third category of information, the false data, which was mostly inconsistent with established scientific facts. The logic in pointing out the three categories namely, contradictory, uninspiring and false data, was the same. If the original message had some non-human information, coded under the primary text, it was likely to have been lost by now because of the human involvement.

He had also suggested that if an Intelligence had really wanted to establish the credibility of a transmission, it could easily have sent advanced information as part of injunctions, for later verification.

Thus, in a limited way, at least three categories of data can be pointed out, whose absence, and one category whose presence, if scientifically and thoroughly investigated can help verify the non-human origin of such a message.

Which writings should we examine first? For a final transmission, we must begin logically with the latest scripture and move backwards towards older scriptures whether eastern or western, when and if our investigation discredits the latest known ‘guidance’.

Following this line, our first object of investigation should be the Quran, the last well-known scripture, which is at present at the center of all the multiple conflicts. Surprisingly, more than a billion Muslims believe it to be a directly transmitted Word of God. They call it Al-Risala - ‘The Message’ and the man who had brought it Rasool-Allah - the ‘Messenger of God’. The word prophet associated with prophecy is not popularly used for him.

    The western perception: The west on the other hand feels that it is a scripture, which preaches violence and obscurantism, and accuse it of retarding scientific progress and development. Present conditions of Muslims and countries ruled by them, support their contentions. The entire Muslim block is indeed lagging behind in almost all aspects of development, in spite of large numbers and abundance of natural resources. BUT, the Muslim world counters this perception by pointing out that when Al-Risala or Quran had arrived, civilization wise Europe and the Arabian Peninsula were at par with each other. After its arrival, area under the Quran progressed in leaps and bounds, while Europe remained stagnant for centuries, till the knowledge shifted from Spain. The gradual reversal of development within this civilization is explained by majority of Muslim religious leaders through veering away of community from the practices of Prophet and his companions, but an intellectual minority put the blame on an unfortunate bar on ‘spirit of enquiry’ three hundred years after the descent of Message. They claim that this bar was primarily meant to protect the Message from distortion but resulted ultimately in knowledge starvation and slowing down of interpretation mechanism of the Quran. Who is correct and which side is in the grip of allegiance factor, can only be found out through a rational scientific investigation of the factors related with this set of writings.
A Seven Step Study of Quran is proposed to corroborate the Hypothesis       Next


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