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How A Scholar Can Help  In This Effort?

If the revealed knowledge is truly an alternative source of knowledge from Cosmos, a thorough investigation will help to establish its credibility. On the other hand, if it has human origins only, such an exercise would help to expose it as a simple evolutionary product. 

Unfortunately, communities with diverse beliefs, do not look at a particular source of revealed knowledge objectively. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, as well as Atheists, all behave in a similar manner. A Muslim is expected to accept uncritically any positive research on Quran, which a Christian or a Jew will reject equally uncritically. Such a potent and ever-present allegiance factor can only be neutralized through access to large quantum of information in the investigation of revealed knowledge.

This job is of scholars. Joining a multi-disciplinary panel of experts, they can investigate the researches objectively and try to reach a consensus on arguments. 

A presentation (available in video, ppt and pdf) outlines the basic research and explains how scholars can investige the data.

To identify such information and extract relevant guidance from it, requires a positive approach and a multi-disciplinary effort that can go deep into the root of the words.  

Participation of qualified scholars is thus extremely important for such a work. IRK welcomes all scholars with a vision. By checking the credibility of revealed knowledge, these scholars will not only be contributing towards reduction of the global conflicts, but will also be discovering an alternative source of knowledge that has the potential to change the face of planet beyond any SF author's dream. 

Those who are interested are requested to contact through email outlining their field of study. Any intellectual joining our panel will be able to web log his comments and suggestions directly on the research of his choice with the help of restricted access.


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