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Frequency of clash between civilizations with different worldviews is escalating in demonic proportions, producing untold misery at global scale.

The basis of the clash are multiple perspectives of a phenomenon alleged to be an extra-terrestrial guidance to humanity.

The probable presence of such a guidance on our planet, should have spurred us to study the phenomenon with all the resources we had. But, ironically, even in this era of increased communication, open debate and availability of high quantum of information, no serious unbiased scientific investigation has yet taken place to resolve this riddle.

'Institute of Revealed Knowledge' (IRK) invites the global intellectual community to participate in a first ever collective effort, under 'Project Infinite Peace', to study this phenomenon thoroughly, objectively and from a global perspective.

About the Institute:

IRK is an online research center, established to facilitate researches on the phenomenon of revealed knowledge.

We believe that the 'revealed knowledge' is extra-terrestrial and thus transcends 'us and they' perspective. We also believe that its immense potential can only be realized if it is correlated with 'rational knowledge' as two strands of a genetic thread.

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About the Project:

'Project Infinite Peace' is a collective effort to scientifically investigate claim of advanced information in the revelations. Encompassing numerous research papers, divided over several research categories, the work will be done collectively through the help of global scientific community.

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